This site explains how and why Hillary gets things done "The Clinton Way"

Hillary explains Benghazi. Until we get the official word from Hillary, Katie Couric's explanation will have to do.

Read Hillary's books - for example: Hard Choices - and you'll figure out that politics and policy are not black and white

Here are some simple facts:

This site will soon be built out with the official positions and policies of Hillary Clinton. The truth, official, from Hillary. Or we won't publish it. We only publish our opinions and official positions of the candidates. The facts.

Here is a post we found on the internet: With excitement brought on by an electorate fully disgusted with political insiders, I don't recall a primary presidential season getting so much attention. On the republican side, many were able to watch the republican debate. And learn the many differences between the republicans and democrat parties and particularly HRC and Donald Trump . I really hope all of you spend some time getting to understand the differences between the two. Donald doesn't explain things too well, but he's being slammed for a concern that a judge overseeing his business case might be biased, not necessarily-due to the judge's Mexican heritage, but because this judge has given considerable money to various left wing organizations that are supporters of Hilary's agenda. Because of Trump's stand on "Illegal immigration" the Trump law suit could be prejudiced. Mr. Trump could have settled the suit but he knows once you get in the habit of settling cases - and you own the amount of property he does - everyone will sue for every little thing just to make a buck - knowing that the Corp will settle.